Perc – Look What Your Love Has Done To Me

Look What Your Love Has Done To Me has quickly become producer Perc’s most celebrated track. In the few months since it’s release it has already become a staple of many DJs repertoires and has been heard in many of the biggest sets of the year.

The track presents as it’s main element a set of vocals (sung by Gazelle Twin) unto which all the other elements serve to complement. The somehow haunting assortment of words, handpicked by Perc himself, create a somewhat dystopian atmosphere that is amplified by the minimal yet decimating bassline and the rushing highs of bells. This track feels very much at home along side his other releases and certainly serves to create excitement as to what could be next for the recognized producer.

Time, wait, need, patience, clash, trust, push, slow, fast, night, work, drag, force, give, leave, sleep, decide, play, end, shut, pass, turn, last, back, wait, need, patience, clash, look what your love has done to me.

Artist: Perc
Release: Bitter Music
Label : Perc Trax
Released: 12 May 2017
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